How To Write Engaging Headlines for Your Articles, Social Media Posts and Blogs

It is very hard and difficult to get you headline correct from the word go. Writing headlines can be tricky or for that matter can be an extremely daunting task. A good headline catches the reader’s attention and gives more clicks and shares to your article, social media post or even for that matter an e-mail. If the headline fails to draw the attention then your audience may never click or open the content. In the world of Digital Marketing, Headline is perhaps the most important driver.

A generic headline usually consists a phrase or sentence, but a good headline will contain a phrase made with trigrams (A combination of 3 words) or bigrams ( A combination of 2 words). Remember clicking on a post which read — Top 10 Holiday destinations that will make you crave for a vacation? The trigram ‘will make you’ is used to make the reader develop an instant connection. The headline here provides information to the reader but at the same time the trigram does the job of explaining how the reader will benefit. Similarly bigrams such as Most Effective and Most Beautiful have often received high engagement rates with the audience.

Select the right type of Headlines

There are certain specific types of headlines which grab more attention than other without appearing like a click bait.

Emotional Headline- This type of a headline is generally used to get trigger the emotions of the reader. It’s too cute, Tears of Joy etc are some of the trigrams used in an emotional headlines.

Self Explanatory Headline- A blog post or an article providing information which is straight forward and genuine. Words like This is Why, The Reason for etc are often used while writing a self-explanatory headline. The idea here is to trigger the curiosity of the reader.

The idea behind writing a good headline is to deliver value to the reader. Only and only value can drive engagement for your blog or a social media account. Use some of the tips given in this article to write your next Headline and remember to stay away from writing headlines which may appear like click-bait

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